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Nadin Eckhardt
Julia Riedel
Camille Bolé

Name:                  Nadin Eckhardt

Position:               Director and Management Ivory Coast

Nationality:            German

Profession:            Diplom Biologist

Current Position:    since July 2007 PhD Student MPI EVAn - Primatology


  • since July 2007 PhD student MPI EVAn department Primatology                                                                      Subject: Spatial coordination and social interactions in male chimpanzees

  • March 2005  to June 2007 volunteer for the TCP - Tai Chimpanzee Project                                                            Subject: Habituation of a chimpanzee group
  • October 2004 trip to Ivory Coast, since March 2005 permanently in Ivory Coast
  • October 2004 graduated Diplom Biologist at University of Leipzig in Cooperation with the MPI EVAn             Subject: Paternity analysis in a multi male group of mountain gorillas with several silverbacks

  • 1999 to 2004 study in the field of Biology at Alma Mater - University Leipzig
     Branches: Genetics, Animal Behaviour, Animal Physiology, Psychology

  • 1998 to 1999 studies of Nature and Biology at Gustav-Liebig University Gießen
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