Espoir Tai - La Santé Rurale

2008/01/28, Ponan
Sensibilisation about hygiene of the body, distribution of 100 condoms and weighing of young children in Ponan and Daobly

The traditional chef of the village gave his OK to start with the sensibilisation.

Nadin Eckhardt in talk with the population of Ponan.

Fun and laughing while talking about the importance of hygiene of all body parts.

Camille Bolé with people of Ponan that are singing to thank Espoir Tai for free condoms.

Young women of Ponan.

©Nadin Eckhardt

2007/12/21, Abidjan
Public talk about the activities of Espoir Tai in CSRS.

©Nadin Eckhardt

2007/12/18, Tai
Roman Ble hands over the placards of the Hygiene lesson.

©Nadin Eckhardt

2007/09/09, Tai
Camille Bolé and Roman Ble, the lokal artist that will paint the placards for Espoir Tai.

©Nadin Eckhardt

2007/08/07, Tai
The team of Espoir Tai is celebrated the Ivorian National Day with the population in Tai.

© Nadin Eckhardt

2005, Abidjan
Orphans infected with HIV in the health care center "Centre Espoir - Adjouffou" of Lotti Latrous. The center is located in a
slum area called Adjoufou in Abidjan.

©Nadin Eckhardt

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