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Lets talk about it!

Espoir Tai wants to rise the awareness about the following subjects among the population of Tai and the surrounding villages.

Furthermore Espoir Tai will coach local team members in all topics of the education program, in communication and public speaking for a sustainable work of the project.

The long therm goal of the project is to initiate the building of a medical laboratory in Tai.


  • What is the context of health and hygiene?
  • What about the cleanliness of the body, house and village?
  • What is the best housing of domesticated animals concerning hygiene?
  • What about drinking water and food?
  • How to make a good latrine?


  • What is the context of health and nutrition?
  • What are proteins, carbohydrates and fats? What are essential nutriments?
  • What are the needs of the different family members especialy pregnant women , babies and infants?
  • What is malnutrition? How to prevent malnutrition under the local conditions?

Health and Life

  • What are diseases caused by malnutrition and low hygiene?
  • What about famlily planning?
  • How to prevent addictions to alcohol and drugs?

Diseases and Prevention

  • What are bacteria, viruses, parasites and worms?
  • Which diseases are caused by bacterias, viruses and worms?
  • How are this diseases transmitted?
  • What to do in case of fever, diarrhea or the need of first aid?
  • Special diseases: Malaria, Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD),HIV and AIDS
  • Special diseases of skin, eyes and teeths

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